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Just a gamer who loves to cook!

Burnt Caramel and Sea Salt Glaze

My goal was to make doughnuts, but I didn't want the traditional glaze. After checking out which ingredients I had on hand, I decided to try a burnt caramel and sea salt glaze. Never making burnt caramel before, I was... Continue Reading →


Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothie

The flavors of a delicious blueberry cheesecake in on glass.

Copycat Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts

I've made doughnuts before, but I never fried them.┬áNo idea why, but just never thought to do it. Maybe subconsciously I was trying to be "healthy." This glazed doughnut recipe caught my attention because I was actually craving a Krispy... Continue Reading →

20th Anniversary of ‘Crash Bandicoot’

I loved playing this game as a kid and still enjoy playing it today. Here are some fun facts about the lovable Crash Bandicoot you may not have known about.

Spinach Soup with Salmon

A friend of mines made asparagus┬ásoup and it was absolutely delicious. Her version tasted more like green potato soup, but I never had such a concoction and wanted to make it for myself. I ended up not finding good asparagus... Continue Reading →

Romantic Apple Rose Dessert

  I finally did it! I've been saying I would make an apple rose dessert and finally had puff pastry on hand to make it happen. I unfortunately doubted myself going into the process, but didn't give up regardless of... Continue Reading →

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